Vision and Values

Scalby School Values

The vision for all our students and staff is, ‘being the best we can be’. Students and staff are encouraged to be the best they can be by embracing the four core school values.

  1. The School is a Learning Community
  2. We are ambitious for all our students
  3. Education is more than achieving examinations
  4. Leadership is important at all levels.

1. A Learning Community

A desire to learn and develop is fundamental to everything the school does. It applies to staff as well as students and means there is a climate of continuous improvement. For students, this is evidenced through responses in lessons and fostered through the Praising Stars and rewards systems. For staff, this is exemplified through effective CPD for all, challenging performance management and a clear, rigorous cycle of planning, monitoring and review.

The school also has a tangible sense of community. This is evidenced through a sense of belonging and pride in the school. It is also seen in the high rates of participation in school activities, such as the annual school production, voluntary fund-raising and social events such as the Year 11 Prom and staff Christmas meal.

The school is also outward facing and plays an important role in the local community. This is evidenced through meaningful links with other academic providers, particularly partner primary schools and post 16 institutions. There are established fundraising links with charities and links with employers that increase opportunities for students.

2. Education is more than examination results

Examination results remain the key barometer of success, but it is acknowledged that this is not the only measure of an outstanding school. The school provides a broad education which aims to develop students socially, morally and spiritually, as well as academically. This is evidenced by positive student responses to non-accredited activities, such as Immersion Days, Life lessons, extra-curricular activities, the rewards system and residential visits.

3. High expectations of all our students

We are passionate about helping every student to achieve their potential. This is evidenced in a resolute and continuous approach to student intervention that leads to high achievement across the ability range and socio-economic spectrum.

4. Leadership at all levels

The school aims to encourage leadership at all levels by offering a range of opportunities to staff and students that develop them as leaders. Student Voice, sports competitions and coaching, links with primary schools and performing arts exemplify student leadership. Staff leadership is evidenced through effective contributions being made to the school through  temporary posts and a culture that encourages creativity as well as responsibility. This will be evidenced by staff at all levels acting as agents of change, not just the Senior Leadership Team.