Year 9 Home Learning Resources

Please find below activities that can be used to support home learning while the school is closed.


Summer Term

Intro to the summer term Year 7 -9

Click Here to log onto the English SharePoint area where you will find all your home learning activities related to the Intro to summer term document which is above.


Please login to Mathswatch.

Your username is based on the first three letters of your name, so for example if your name was John Smith your Mathswatch login would be

JohSmi@scalbyschool (Please note the capital letters for firstname and surname)

The password is scalby

The password is the same for all students.

If you cannot login please email your maths teacher

When you login you will find work waiting for you. It will take 3-4 hours to complete. You do not need to do it all in one go – you have a week to complete it. Watch the videos and answer the questions. Your score is logged on the website and your teacher will contact home if we have any concerns about your effort.


You can access your Science Google Classroom by following these instructions. This will provide you with the ability to access your class resources and interact with your teach using the google classrooms platform. Login using your school email and password.

Science Activities


All Geography work has now been uploaded to your class area on Google Classrooms

Complete the booklet on hot deserts using the powerpoint to help. There are copies of the pages of the revision guide and we now have access to the text book on kerboodle. Please see instructions on google classroom for accessing the text book.

Living World Hot Deserts work book with page numbers (2)

Hot desert info 1

Ecosytems rev guide

Use the website below to complete online projects and lessons

Year 9 to complete the unit under G8 tab at the top called palm oil and me


Summer Term

You can now access your History Google Classroom.  This will provide you with the ability to access your class resources and interact with your teach using the google classrooms platform.

Click Here to Login using your school email and password.

Useful links History

Students can get people at home to test their understanding and use the key questions to revise the topics they have studied in history.

GCSE Parents Knowledge Tests

Students use the knowledge checklists, the ‘how to revise history’ sheet  and the following websites to revise one of the following topics:

  • Crime and Punishment c1000-present day
  • Whitechapel c1870-1900


Crime and punishment knowledge checklist


Summer Term

All French work is now available on Google Classroom. Please ensure you join the new French class set up by Mrs McCluskie through the email she sent to you.

Please check your email accounts for updates from Mrs McCluskie with regards you French learning. If you have any queries, email

1) Revise all the speaking test questions you have learnt so far and learn any new ones you have written.

2) Revisit all your Quizlet study sets from year 9.

3) Learn the AQA GCSE vocabulary from your yellow vocabulary booklet or, if you prefer, you can learn it on the website. You have your username and passwords in your French books.  This website is free to use before 9am and after 4pm.

If you have any issues completing with any tasks contact

Art & Graphics

Summer Term

Click Here to log into your Google Classroom account where you can access your Art & Graphics activities.

yr 9 food project tonal drawing with drapes

yr 9 food project tonal dot drawings

Yr9 Fine Art and 3D Groups information

Art Challenge- Year 7 – 11

Yr 9 David Hockney

Yr 9 Art Henry Moore

Keeping a sketchbook KS4

Yr 9 Spring Collage

Yr9 Art Arcimboldo

Art and Graphics Activities

BTEC Enterprise

Summer Term

Click Here to log into your Google Classroom account where you can access your Business activities.

Students should continue working remotely on their Component 1 coursework. This is being completed through the student portal, using OneDrive (for their own report) and SharePoint for the resources and information. Improvements can still be made to Section 1 & 2 following the checklist of tasks. Students should also use the checklist to start on Section 3.

Once students have logged in through the ‘Student Portal’, they can follow this link for the Scalby School BTEC Enterprise SharePoint. Students have been working in the cloud this way all year and know how to fully access their work and resources. Mr Lewis will be sending updates and general feedback through SharePoint under the news section, so please keep an eye on this regularly.

Mr Lewis is able to see student work and can provide regular feedback and advice. If the student would like some feedback on their work then they can email Mr. Lewis ( to request this. Replies will be made as quickly as possible.


Ignite your future: Click Here

York University ‘Introduction to Higher Education’ project web page: Click Here 

Please follow this link below and register for an account using the school registration code: NEWBY.

You can use your school email address and sign in via Google if you prefer.

You can then access the following work

Students are to explore each of the following activities

  • Selling Yourself
  • Careers Family
  • How is Technology Changing Jobs
  • Your Careers Goal
  • Brand Journeys
  • How to Build an Enterprise
  • Personal Values
  • Stereotyping
  • Using Maths Everyday
  • Who Uses English

Computer Science

Click Here to log into your Google Classroom account where you can access your Computing activities.

How does the Internet work?

Watch the ​video​ You should first make notes whilst watching, you will need to use these later on!.     Using your notes, you should create an information guide/poster which explains how the Internet works. You should  include the whole process from sending a message on your phone, to someone receiving it (including all the bits in  between). ​

Note – Make sure you include all the key terms and key sections listed below! ​

Challenge – Research and create an Infographic about the Internet. (Not sure what an Infographic is, find out!) ​

Key Sections of the Internet  – 1. First & Last Mile (Wireless, Cellular & Home Internet)  – 2. Internet Hub  – 3. Internet Backbone ​

Key terms  – Packet  – Header  – Binary/Bytes  – Waves/Frequency Modulation  – Router/Cables  – Electricity/Laser Light  – Internet Hub/Data Centre  – Fibre Optic Cable  – Oceanic Cable (Cable across the oceans)  – 5G (Pros and Cons)  – Balloon Internet Connectivity  – The future of Internet Connectivity

Email your work back to me by 20th April 2020

Students are to complete the following theory workbooks on –

These documents can also be accessed from here in word

Completed booklets to be emailed to Mrs Leat-Smith

Learn coding

Computing quizzes


Core PE

Access your work on Google classroom, you will be sent information via your school email address in order to be able to access your google classroom account.

Students can access their work on google classroom via student portal on the school website. A class code has been sent to each student via their school email address.


Brecht Powerpoint 1

Brecht Powerpoint 2

Use the takeaway menu to attempt Drama related activities Year 9 Drama


The following website has many useful resources and worksheets to try linking to a range of topic areas –

Areas to look at.

Interactive apps covering a range of topic areas –

Tasks to complete-

Use the link below-

1) Scales of production – Research and explain what each production type is, the amount of products it involves making and equipment needed.

2) Quality Systems – Research and explain what quality assurance and control is and how this is done when manufacturing products. Research and explain what the British Standards are and the European kite mark for how this links to producing products that meet safety standards. What tolerances are used for when manufacturing products and why they are important. What health and safety considerations are needed and how risk assessments are used when manufacturing products.

3) Regulations and Standards task.



Produce a page of research that covers the following.

-What are consumer protection laws and legislation? Why are these important?

-What are the four main laws listed on the website that help protect consumers buying products? What does each law cover?

-What are the four main safety symbols used on products? What does each one mean?

-What is the difference between copyright, patents and trademarks used on products?

4) Task 4

Link 1 to use

Link 2 to use

On your previous learning task set, you looked at laws linking to regulations and standards for products including safety symbols that are used on them. Complete both of the tasks below.

Task 1 – RECAP – Using link 1, read the page first and then answer the following question. What are the four main safety symbols used on products? What does each one mean?

Task 2 – Using link 2 read through the information on the page. It explains about British and European Standards that are used when producing products to check they are safe and meet expected standards. Once you have read the page, complete all 3 parts of the task below.

-Produce a page of research that shows the logo for each and what the logo means (you should cover the CE and BSI logo).

– Explain what a company must do to be able to display both the CE and BSI logo on their product.

– Explain what it means about the product if it can show that it has met both CE and BSI standards. Does this mean the product is of a higher quality and standard compared to a product that has only met CE standards?

TASK 3 –  I would like to be able to use google classrooms with you in future weeks to be able to continue to set engineering learning tasks, as well as giving you the opportunity if you need it to ask me questions about your learning if you need to. Please can you log in using this link (LINK HERE) and check you can access our engineering group.

Hospitality & Catering

Summer Term

Click Here to log into your Google Classroom account where you can access your Hospitality and Catering activities

Spring Term

Scalby School Cookbook- Easter

Take part in the Easter Bake Off Challenge

Scalby School Easter Bake Off Challenge_


Utilise the presentations, worksheets and videos to develop your knowledge and understanding of digestion and the absorption of nutrients.

Student Cook Book – Miss Twamley challenges you to cook a recipe from her Scalby student cook book. She will post a new set of recipes each week.

Diet and Health-


Click Here to log into your Google Classroom account where you can access your iMedia activities.

Please complete the 3 resources below and email to Mrs Leat-Smith

other resources to support knowledge


Summer Term

Click Here to log into your Google Classroom account where you can access your Life  activities.

Spring Term

Life Easter 2020 task

Please open the PDF to access the resources and complete the activities

Life KS4 Home Learning

Please follow this link and register for an account using the school registration code: NEWBY.

You can use your school email address and sign in via Google if you prefer.

  • Investigate the videos and graphics to explore skills required in  different career sectors
  • Complete  the activity  ‘Introduction to employability’


Click Here to log into your Google Classroom account where you can access your Music activities.

Summer Term


Spring Term

The Music Industry Complete all tasks

Year Nine – Lesson One

Music Industry Work Book.pdf version 2


Students in Y9, 10 + 11  (GCSE PE and BTEC) can access their work remotely via The Everlearner and through Google Classroom on the student portal. All students have been given a password for The Everlearner and will be sent an email with their Google Classroom class code in order to access Power points or tasks on google classroom.

If you struggle to access their Everlearner account you can email Mrs Peake and she will re-set your username and password.


Once you have completed the notes and  mind-maps below, complete the Powerpoint activities to revise the Social Influence topic. You should fill out any empty sections and attempt the exam style questions.

Firstly, complete your notes on the Social Influence chapter from page 98-123. You need to do the whole chapter including things we have covered, and things we have not yet covered.

Then, make 5 mind maps. Use A3 paper, or 2 sheets of A4 stuck together for each one.  These mind maps are to re-cap your learning. Set them out as follows;

  • One about the Bystander effect using the information from pages 102-105, and the Piliavin study on pages 115-117.
  • One about Conformity using the information from the bottom of page 100 and top of 101, and pages 106-108.
  • One on Obedience using the top of page 100, pages 108-111 and blind obedience on page 114.
  • One on Deindividuation using the bottom of page 101, crowd behaviour pages 112 and 113, and the Zimbardo study from pages 118-120.
  • Finally, one on Issues and Debates covering social and cultural issues on pages 121- 123.

Textbook 1-171

Textbook 172 onwards

GCSE Religious Studies

Summer Term

Click Here to log into your Google Classroom account where you can access your GCSE RE  activities.

Spring Term

Please use the resources in shared folder  investigate and evaluate the importance of belief in the Trinity for Christians