Year 10 Home Learning Resources

Please find below activities that can be used to support home learning while the school is closed.


Summer Term

Click Here to log onto the English SharePoint area where you will find all your home learning activities. Mrs Stockill and the English team have emailed you with details of what they are expecting from you over the next few weeks.

Spring Term

Watch theatre for free! National Theatre Collection

English Department Takeaway Menu

English Activities


Please login to Mathswatch.

Your username is based on the first three letters of your name, so for example if your name was John Smith your Mathswatch login would be

JohSmi@scalbyschool (Please note the capital letters for firstname and surname)

The password is scalby

The password is the same for all students.

If you cannot login please email your maths teacher

When you login you will find work waiting for you. It will take 3-4 hours to complete. You do not need to do it all in one go – you have a week to complete it. Watch the videos and answer the questions. Your score is logged on the website and your teacher will contact home if we have any concerns about your effort.

Good luck from the Maths Team


You can access your Science Google Classroom by following these instructions. This will provide you with the ability to access your class resources and interact with your teach using the google classrooms platform. Login using your school email and password.

Science Activities


Summer Term

All French work is now available on Google Classroom. Please ensure you join the new French class set up by Mrs McCluskie through the email she sent to you.

Please check your email accounts for updates from Mrs McCluskie with regards you French learning. If you have any queries, email

1)      Revise your year 9 speaking test questions.

2)      Revise all the speaking test questions you have written in year 10 and learn any that you have not yet been set to learn.

3)      Revisit all your Quizlet study sets from years 9 and 10.

4)      Learn the AQA GCSE vocabulary from your yellow vocabulary booklet or, if you prefer, you can learn it on the website.  You have your username and passwords in your French books.  This website is free to use before 9am and after 4pm.

If you have any issues completing with any tasks contact


Summer Term

All Geography work has now been uploaded to your class area on Google Classrooms

Complete the work booklet on economic development using the powerpoint to help you. There are also pages of the revision guide attached and you have access to the text book on kerboodle.

Development first section instructions and information

INTERACTIVE – Changing Eco World Work Booklet V2 (2)

On Wednesday 22nd April at 10.30am, you should take part in the Live Geography fieldwork session, Click this link to access. This booklet should be filled in while undertaking the online fieldwork lesson.

You can now access your Geography Google Classroom.  This will provide you with the ability to access your class resources and interact with your teach using the google classrooms platform.

Click Here to Login using your school email and password.

Revise for your PPE’s all the physical topics using this can be signed up for free and you access online courses.

GCSE Physical Geography revision questions


Summer Term

You can now access your History Google Classroom.  This will provide you with the ability to access your class resources and interact with your teach using the google classrooms platform.

Click Here to Login using your school email and password.

Useful links History

As a student you simply need to use your personal login and password to complete different tests  on all four topics. These have been emailed out to your school gmail account. The history department will be able to set regular tests for each class and track your performance. You can get people at home to test your understanding and use the key questions to revise the topics you have studied in history.

Please contact if you are having problems accessing your account. (edexcel for Year 10)

GCSE Parents Knowledge Tests

Click Here for a variety of resources which can be used to support History learning

Students use the following websites, knowledge checklists and the ‘how to revise history’ sheets to revise the following topics:

  • Superpower relations and the Cold War 1941-1991
  • Early Elizabethan England 1558-1588

Year 10 can also attempt to complete some of the ‘Great Elizabethan Quiz.’



Queen Elizabeth Knowledge list

Superpower Relations and the Cold War knowledge organisers

Art & Graphics

Click Here to log into your Google Classroom account where you can access your Art & Graphics activities.

yr10 3D vessels Kate Malone research

yr10 vessel project artist research own theme

Yr 10 Fine Art and 3D groups information

Yr 10 My dog sighs

Art Challenge- Year 7 – 11

Keeping a sketchbook KS4

Yr 10 Barbara Kruger

Art and Graphics Activities

BTEC Enterprise

Click Here to log into your Google Classroom account where you can access your Business activities.

Activity 1

Students should continue working remotely on their Component 1 coursework. This is being completed through the student portal, using OneDrive (for their own report) and SharePoint for the resources and information. Improvements can still be made to Section 1 & 2 following the checklist of tasks. Students should also use the checklist to start on Section 3.

Once students have logged in through the ‘Student Portal’, they can follow this link  for the Scalby School BTEC Enterprise SharePoint. Students have been working in the cloud this way all year and know how to fully access their work and resources. Mr Lewis will be sending updates and general feedback through SharePoint under the news section, so please keep an eye on this regularly.

Mr Lewis is able to see student work and can provide regular feedback and advice. If the student would like some feedback on their work then they can email Mr. Lewis ( to request this. Replies will be made as quickly as possible.

Activity 2

Students will again access the BTEC Enterprise SharePoint and go to the Component 3 folder. This link can be used once students have again logged on to the student portal and the Component 3, teaching PowerPoints folder can be accessed. This is to revise all areas of work in preparation for the exam. This exam will now take place in year 11 and revision/learning still needs to take place in preparation for the exam.

Students can also access the revision guide via C3_RevisionGuide.pdf (again once logged into SharePoint). There are activities at the bottom of each page that the students could access and use as revision.

Careers Resources

Ignite your future: Click Here

York University ‘Introduction to Higher Education’ project web page: Click Here 

10 ways to achieve careers education at home
Below is a link to a multitude of home study career education ideas produced by the Cornwall Careers Hubs, from workbooks to websites, videos to debating topics.
Parents guide to careers – The decisions young people make from an early stage at school can have a big impact on their future career choices and happiness.  This guide by Cascaid is designed to provide an overview of how parents can help support their children with these important choices.

Career Resources

Please follow this link and register for an account using the school registration code: NEWBY.

You can use your school email address and sign in via Google if you prefer.

You can then access the following work

Students are to explore each of the following activities

  • Selling Yourself
  • Careers Family
  • How is Technology Changing Jobs
  • Your Careers Goal
  • Brand Journeys
  • How to Build an Enterprise
  • Personal Values
  • Stereotyping
  • Using Maths Everyday
  • Who Uses English

Computer Science

Click Here to log into your Google Classroom account where you can access your Computing activities.

All year 10 Computer Scientists to access and select python tutorials. You need to practice the following skills in preparation for your 20 hours of programming on your return to school.

  • Sequence
  • Selection
  • Iteration
  • Arithmetic operators in Python (research and learn these)
  • String
  • Integer
  • Boolean
  • Characters
  • Real
  • Understand and use basic file handling operations for
  • read
  • open
  • write
  • close

Further resources can be found on sharepoint OCR Computer Science – Programming

Students are to complete the following theory workbooks on –

Completed booklets to be emailed to Mrs Leat-Smith

Learn coding

Computing quizzes


Core PE

Access your work on Google classroom, you will be sent information via your school email address in order to be able to access your google classroom account.

Students can access their work on google classroom via student portal on the school website. A class code has been sent to each student via their school email address.


Year 10

Example 1 of Portfolio with grading

Example 2 of Portfolio with grading

Example 3 of Portfolio with grading

Example 4 of Porfolio with grading


Year 10 writing styles

Year 10 writing styles2

TASK 1 Graphic Design characteristics

Developing knowledge of the characteristics of designers. Find 2 pieces of graphic design work from the same artist or company. Add both images to one page and explain their characteristics using the key words and knowledge that you have gained from today’s session. Finally, link the work back to the 6 components in Unit 1. Try to explain how the artist has/hasn’t used line, colour, tone, typography, imagery and layout.


Using graphic design artists as inspiration. Developing knowledge of the design disciplines. Create a mood board of images and information that represents the 2 graphic design disciplines and graphic designers of your choice. The mood board will be used to develop your creativity and reflection during the controlled assessment tasks.


Watch the videos on work of Quentin Blake. The link is below.

Hospitality & Catering

Summer Term

Click Here to log into your Google Classroom account where you can access your Hospitality and Catering activities.

Spring Term

Scalby School Cookbook- Easter

Take part in the Easter Bake Off Challenge

Scalby School Easter Bake Off Challenge_

Revising Environmental Factors- Use your revision materials (in your revision folders) and research online to complete the document ‘Revision- Envrironmental Factors in Hospitality‘.

Complete the keyword word-search. Once you have found the keyword define it by recalling your existing knowledge.

Student Cook Book – Miss Twamley challenges you to cook a recipe from her Scalby student cook book. She will post a new set of recipes each week.

1.       Revise using your revision booklet and materials in resource packs (already at home with students).

2.       Complete the practice paper- then mark and add feedback using the mark scheme.


Click Here to log into your Google Classroom account where you can access your iMedia activities.

Please work through the following work book R081 WorkBook_VLS_Yr10_Prep This is also available on sharepoint

Students are to complete and email back to Mrs Leat-Smith

These resources are also available here if you are struggling to download them from the links above.

Students can also use the learning quizzes from

Username: scs- (students will have there unique number in their planners) example scs-0000

Password: password


Summer Term

Click Here to log into your Google Classroom account where you can access your Life activities.

Spring Term

Life Easter 2020 task

Please open the PDF to access the resources and complete the activities

Life KS4 Home Learning

Please use the resources to test and demonstrate your understanding of the role and importance of Angels within Islam.

Angels in Islam – resource

L5-Angels-In-Islam Powerpoint

Angels in Islam – activity



Click Here to log into your Google Classroom account where you can access your Muisc activities.

Summer Term




Spring Term

Question Revision Sheet Haydn

BTEC Music Performance


Haydns Clock Symphony

login details

Music Industry Work Book.pdf version 2


Students in Y9, 10 + 11  (GCSE PE and BTEC) can access their work remotely via The Everlearner and through Google Classroom on the student portal. All students have been given a password for The Everlearner and will be sent an email with their Google Classroom class code in order to access Power points or tasks on google classroom.

If you struggle to access their Everlearner account you can email Mrs Peake and she will re-set your username and password.

Product Design.

Product Design key words UPDATED 2020


Our focus is going to be revision to help prepare you for your written exam you will be sitting in Year 11 (May 2021). It will also help prepare you for building your knowledge to be a successful designer or manufacturer in the product design or engineering industry as part of further education or employment in the future.


Option 1- Use your key words stapled booklet. It has all the words on it you need to know for the exam. Each word is explained with examples given to help you with your learning. If you have lost your copy you can download one from the key words link above on this page.

Option 2 – The following website has many useful resources and worksheets to try for a range of topic areas. You will need to select the New GCSE in D&T section.

Here are pages linking to various topics to revise and find useful information on. Select the following link  –

The link below is also useful with easy to follow/easy to use apps and tasks to complete for topic areas you need to know. This one can also be used easily with mobile phone apps to work through –

Tasks to complete –

1) Revise your key words stapled booklet you have which covers all of the key words you need to know for the exam. You can make revision cards of the words or mind maps to help revise. You can also self test yourself to see if you know each of the meanings of the key words and examples linking to them. There is a copy you can download above if you have lost your booklet. You should be doing this as an on going task to complete as well as completing additional tasks set below.

2) Download the Product Design revision booklet  from this page or if you can’t download it open it to read. This is a booklet that you are gradually going to work through to help prepare you for your exam and theory that will tie in with completing your coursework next year also.

HOW TO COMPLETE IT – When completing a page in the booklet there will be a table at the top with key words linking to the page of learning. You must use your key words booklet to find the meaning of each word and write in the correct meaning. Do not guess them. You then need to read the information on the page and fill in any missing gaps. Complete any questions on the page. To make it easy for you to check your answers I have put the missing words on each page and have also added on the answers to check your work yourself easily.

You can save a copy of the booklet and can make notes on each page as you go along by hand on paper. If you know how to convert the pdf back to a power point document you can do it this way if you prefer and can then type the answers onto the pages.

MY EXPECTATIONS Aim for 2 pages per week in the booklet from the start in order. This includes the reading, completing missing words and the questions to try. As well as revising your key words in your booklet alongside this.

UPDATE 22.4.20 – I hope by the end of this week you are aiming to reach page 7 in your revision booklets as well as using your key words sheets to help complete each page. Please check your product design class on google classrooms . I will be starting to send updates through google classrooms as well as giving you the chance to speak to me if you have any questions about the tasks set. I have also added on google classrooms the power point version of the revision guide instead of the pdf version you already have access to. This means if you save it to your computer, you should be able to type your answers straight onto it which will make it easier for you to keep and revise from in the future.



Once you have completed the notes and  mind-maps below, complete the Powerpoint activities to revise the Development topic. You should fill out any empty sections and attempt the exam style questions.

Firstly, complete your notes on the Development chapter from page 2-27. You need to do the whole chapter including things we have covered, and things we have not yet covered.

Then, make 4 mind maps. Use A3 paper, or 2 sheets of A4 stuck together for each one.  These mind maps are to re-cap your learning. Set them out as follows;

  • One on Piaget using information from pages 5-9, and the 3 mountains study on pages 16-19.
  • One with Dweck and Gunderson. They support each other’s theories. Dweck on pages 10-11, and the Gunderson study on pages 20-23.
  • One with Early brain development and Willingham’s theories. No direct link here but we need to include both somewhere!! Early brain page 4. Willingham pages 12-15.
  • Finally, one about Issues and Debates= Morality. There are 3 theories here from pages 24-27. Theories by Piaget, Kohlberg and Damon.

Textbook 1-171

Textbook 172 onwards

GCSE Religious Studies

Summer Term

Click Here to log into your Google Classroom account where you can access your GCSE RE activities.

Spring Term

Mental Health tasks and activities

Use the resource to help your prepare a response to the 8 mark question detailed below