Staff Email Contact List

Use the email addresses  below to email staff about any questions you have about supported home learning tasks that you have been set.

Staff Name Email Address
Mrs Harrison
Miss Johnson
Mrs Smith
Mr Sutcliffe
Miss Tiernan
Mrs Jones
Mrs Perrin
Mrs Wilkinson
Mr Green (Maths Teacher)
Mrs Choat
Mrs Granger
Mrs Stockill
Mrs Vickers
Mr Lewis
Mrs Banks
Miss Baxter
Mr Harron
Miss Marshall
Miss Pegg
Mr Mallender
Mr Philliskirk
Mrs Robinson
Mrs Waggitt
Mrs Biggs
Mrs Reed
Miss Curry
Mr Fryirs
Mrs Garfield
Mr Robinson
Mr Buric
Miss Hutton
Miss Guinouard
Mr Curran
Mr Offord
Mrs Peake
Mrs Adams
Mr Davis
Mr Harrison
Mrs Aston
Mrs Bancroft
Mrs Beat
Mr Beeby
Mrs Buric
Mr Cook
Mrs Dowey
Mrs Mallison
Mrs McCluskie
Miss Twamley
Miss Hartley
Mrs Devaney
Mrs Leat-Smith