Key Stage 4 Choices Booklet

Please find below the Pathway A and Pathway B Key Stage 4 courses booklet for the current Year 8 students. Students course selections should be made on the form sent home prior to the Christmas holiday and returned to the students mentor by Friday 29th January 2016. Additional copies of the forms are attached to each booklet here.

KS4 Courses Booklet 2017-2020 Pathway A January 2017

KS4 Courses Booklet 2017-2020 Pathway B January 2017

A timeline of events to help you to understand how the subject choice process works along with Ofqual’s explanation of the new grading system for GCSE examinations from September 2015 can be found here: OFQUAL – Your Qualification, Our Regulation

Timeline of events.


21 November – 09 December 2016


Mentor Time


Key Stage 4 subject choice presentations to individual mentor groups during mentor time. These presentations will inform students of the options pathways which are available to different groups of students. Students will be guided on how to complete the subject choice form.



08 December 2016




Year 8 Parents Evening




12 December 2016


Mentor Time


Key Stage 4 Courses Assembly – students will be given the key dates of the Key Stage 4 subject choice process, including a reminder of the final date for handing in the completed subject choice form.



15 December 2016


Mentor Time


Key Stage 4 Course booklet, subject choice forms and invitation to the Subject Choice Evening for parents and carers distributed to students.



05 January 2017




Key Stage 4 Subject Choices Evening.



27 January 2017




Deadline for Subject Choices Forms.



W/c 12 June 2017

(provisional date)



New Year 9 timetables published. The timetables will confirm which subject choice each student has been allocated.



03 July 2017


New 2017-2018 timetable begins. Year 8 students move into Year 9 and begin the GCSE courses which they will follow through to examination at the end of Year 11.