Physical Education

Key Stage 3

The emphasis in Years 7 to 8 is on gaining a good knowledge of sporting skills and tactics, with the ultimate aim of continuing to raise attainment and preparing students for Key Stage 4. Our new Year 7 students will be the first to sample the new style Key Stage 3 course, which looks to give students increased knowledge in the fitness requirements for sports.

Year 7

In Year 7 students are baseline assessed and then streamed into 2 sets and they have 2 one hour lessons per week. Sports in Year 7 include Football, Rugby, Netball, Basketball, Cross-country, Gymnastics, Dance, Rounders, Short Tennis, Athletics and Cricket.

Year 8

In Year 8 students continue in the 2 sets and also have 2 one hour lessons per week. Sports in Year 8 remain the same as in Year 7 with the emphasis on developing tactical awareness and further skills.

Key Stage 4

The core KS4 curriculum builds on the basic Sporting skills and tactics introduced at KS3 and looks to support the GCSE course content. Students are expected to develop knowledge of improving skills and performance through leadership and independent learning.  Assessment plays a key role in this progress, and happen regularly in lessons.  Sports covered include those at KS3 plus Badminton, Circuit Training, Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee and Tchouckball.

The GCSE KS4 curriculum aims to:

  • offer students a knowledge in sport that encourages creativity and decision-making skills to enable students to plan effectively for performances and to respond to changing situations.
  • to prepare students to make informed decisions about further learning opportunities and career choices.
  • to enable students to become increasingly physically competent through being actively engaged in a range of physical activities, and to become increasingly effective in their performance in different types of physical activity and roles such as player/participant, leader and official.
  • to enable students to develop their ability to engage independently and successfully in different types of physical activity, and to develop and maintain their involvement in physical activity as part of a healthy, active lifestyle.

 Keys Stage 4 Courses Offered

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GCSE Physical Education



Extra Curricular Activities

We offer an extensive range of extra-curricular clubs that link to the school’s sports team’s fixture calendar. These are published and displayed in the PE department.

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