Key Stage 3

The emphasis in Years 7 to 8 is to develop understanding of personal beliefs and values and consider religious and non-religious responses.  All students will develop their STRIPE skills as they learn about each of the six major world religions, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Hindu traditions.

We will also develop understanding of physical and emotional changes during puberty and how to manage personal health and care. We will also look at sex and relationship education in Year 8, including personal and e-safety topics. Further details available of sex education provision available here.

Year 7

In Year 7 students are streamed into 5 sets and they have a one hour lesson per week.
Topics in Year 7 include ‘Looking For Meaning’, ‘Tasting Religions, ‘Change’ and ‘Community’.

Year 8

In Year 8 students are set on ability and also have a one hour lessons per week.
Topics in Year 8 include ‘Heroes’, ‘Initiation Ceremonies’, Festivals of Light, ‘Being a Citizen’,‘Safe Relationships’ and ‘Families’ which will be assessed to reflect Citizenship requirements and end of KS3 progress.

Key Stage 4

Year 9

KS4 students will be in ability based sets for a one hour lesson  per week. Students in the top set begin a full course GCSE in Religious Studies which focuses upon personal response , Christian and Islamic beliefs about philosophical and ethical issues.

Students in all of the other teaching groups will have a one hour lesson each week. Learning will be based around developing awareness of a range of moral issues and attitudes to risk and managing personal safety. Topics include human rights, crime and punishment, animal rights, substance misuse, prejudice and discrimination.  Students will explore their personal responses and Christian and Islamic beliefs about social justice.

Year 10

Students who have been studying towards the GCSE Religious Studies qualification will continue with the course, during a one hour lesson each week, and take two examinations in the summer term.

Students in all other teaching groups will continue with one hour lessons, per week,. Students will learn about topics including parenting, managing sexual  health issues , safe relationships, sexual exploitation, gender identity and sexuality, substance misuse, emotional and mental health. Meditation and Buddhist beliefs about mindfulness and dealing with stress will be explored in the summer term.

Year 11

All students will have a one hour lesson, each week. Year 11 students will be given an opportunity to learn about training, further education and apprenticeship opportunities. Students will learn how to prepare a CV, interview skills and progression routes into a range of career. We will learn about global citizenship, conflict and humanitarian issues, including extremism and radicalisation to help prepare students for the world beyond school.

SRE Scalby

New curriculum overview 2017 year 7

New curriculum overview 2017 year 8

New curriculum overview 2017 year 9

New curriculum overview 2017 year 10

New curriculum overview 2017 year 11

Keys Stage 4 Courses Offered

Level 2 Qualification
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GCSE Religious Studies



Extra Curricular Activities

GCSE Religious Studies catch-up sessions available weekly Mon or Tuesday.

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