Scalby School Readathon

Enthusiastic pupils at Scalby School read anything and everything – from comics to classics – raising over £800 to get brand new books to disadvantaged children in schools and hospitals across the UK

To encourage its pupils to read for pleasure, Scalby School has just completed a successful sponsored Readathon. Pupils rose to the challenge, reading many books, comics  and magazines and raising a fantastic £800+  helping give the magic of books and stories to disadvantaged children in schools and hospitals across the UK. Their achievement also earned the school free books worth £160, provided by Readathon in partnership with Scholastic Book Clubs, to boost their school library stocks.

Readathon is run by the UK charity Read for Good, which uses the sponsorship money raised to provide a regular supply of much-needed brand new books and storyteller visits for all major children’s hospitals in the UK. Each hospital has a tailormade, mobile bookcase, which is jam-packed full of the latest best sellers and classic favourites enabling children to choose what they fancy, without risk of infection.

Bernie Higgins, Scalby School Librarian said:

“I recommend Readathon to any teacher or librarian who wants to get their pupils reading for pleasure. Readathon creates a real buzz about books in the school.  I found children talking about books, sharing and swapping favourites and genuinely motivated to read. Parents became involved in what their children were reading and shared precious time together talking about books. Our pupils raised over £800 which Readathon uses to give books and storyteller visits to disadvantaged children in schools and hospitalsl. Readathon really is a win-win.”

Quote from Justine Daniels, CEO of Read for Good:

“There’s a wealth of evidence that children who read for fun are more likely to thrive, not only academically, but socially and emotionally too. Readathon often provides the spark to get kids excited about reading, and we know that they are especially motivated when they are raising money to help other disadvantaged children in the UK. To say thank you for their tremendous efforts, we’ve teamed up with Scholastic Book Clubs to give Scalby School free books.  We hope that these books will in turn inspire even more pupils to get reading – for good.”

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