Scalby School Examination Results 2017

Scalby School is delighted with the results achieved by the class of 2017. In a year in which new, more rigorous qualifications have been introduced, the results across the range of measures are well above the provisional national averages and are as follows:

Students gaining at least 5 GCSEs at grade C or above – 78%
Students gaining at least a Standard Pass (grade 4) in both English and Mathematics – 77%
Students gaining at least a Strong Pass (grade 5) in both English and Mathematics – 52%
Students gaining the English Baccalaureate (grade 5 or above in English and mathematics, plus at least a GCSE grade C in Science, French and either Geography or History). – 37%

There were some superb individual performances, including 17 students reaching the highest new grade in English or Mathematics of grade 9, which is higher than the A* of former years. Apparently, only a few hundred students have attained grade 9s across the country. Indeed, Marin Briggs, James Clifford, Tommy Furness, Sumayyah Kalam, Holly Mawdsley, Jasmine Roper, Nicole Taylor and Rebecca Wake all achieved grade 9s in English and Mathematics alongside at least 8 other A* or A GCSE grades. Meanwhile, Katy Brearley, Anna Gortzak, Luke Howland, Jess Marton and Max Mortimer all achieved at least 10 grades at A, A* or the the new grade 7 or above.

These excellent results and those of other students are the culmination of years of dedicated individual study, skilful teaching and strong parental support. It is pleasing that so many students will leave Scalby with qualifications that provide a strong foundation for the next step in their academic or vocational journey.

David Read,


24th August 2017

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